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Founded on the Gold Coast, Australia in the middle of a pandemic, We realised Mental Health wasn't getting spoken enough about and starting the conversation on making sure your friends and family are okay is hard, or a touchy subject that not everyone feels comfortable starting. 

We are manifesting a world where meaningful and deeper conversations are normal to have. When getting asked "How are you" you can truthfully answer, instead of coming straight back with. "good thanks" without even thinking about it, come on we are all guilty of it.
Tough conversations need to be had and we all need to feel more connected and less alone.

We aren't professionals, and don't claim to be, but we have something to say about Mental Health and we want to get the word out there. In a world full of social media, reels and Story's, we are more disconnected then ever from each other.

Our Aim is to build a community of mindful and like-minded people who want to help us get the world connecting more and having those conversations, and we believe through these tools that we have created, it will help get the ball rolling.

get deep, have some fun with it!


Just as passionate as we are?

if you feel called to work with us and get what we stand for out there, send us a message.

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